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Model #180 Polish & Buff

(Parts and Service still available)

Model #180 applies polish as well as shines shoes. O-SUN COMPANY offers three polishes (black, brown or neutral), holding two different polishes. With minimal service, the Model #180 will run smoothly without interruption. This machine looks like another piece of furniture and blends in with any decor. You can set up the Model #180 for money operation or to give out free shines.
  • Coin or free validation
  • Deep pile cotton nap brushes
  • Shine shoes for pennies a day
  • 1/4hp Motor - 110 volt
  • Compact, attractive style
  • Unlimited 4-year Warranty

Height: 49" (including advertising panel)
Width: 23.5"
Depth: 17"
Back Panel: 36"
Front Panel: 32"
Weight: 140lbs