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Model #90-90B Polish & Buff

$1195.00 Model #90
(polish applied on demand)

$895.00 Model #90B
(buffer unit only - no polish)

Model #90 makes daily shoe care easy...employees are actually eager to use it! With just a twist of the T-handle, polish is applied to the buffer (#90) which gives shoes a professional looking shine. Twist the T-handle again, another application of polish is applied. No need to stop, bend down or touch your shoes! Model #90 is fast, thorough and compact.
  • Applies wax on user demand (#90 only)
  • Deep pile cotton nap brushes
  • 1/4hp Motor - 110 volt
  • Activated by twist of T-handle
  • Unlimited 4-year Warranty

Height: 34"
Width: 20"
Depth: 11"
Weight: 42lbs